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Do where you are great at...

A short post about Marketing

I see a lot of Artist struggling with questions like:

‘How does Marketing work’,

‘What prices should I ask’,

‘How do I deal with customers’ etc.

I know business advisers say you should spend 65% of your time on marketing your art. But what if you are not good at it? Let’s be honest and ask yourself in all fairness and you will probably answer: ‘No, I am not”.

So here is my advice.

Find someone who loves your work and… who is great in

  •  Networking
  • Sales and Marketing
  • who has a big network of art lovers or is able to find one.
  • and one you can trust

and give him a commission at each sales.

And I will tell you why.  You must do what you are great at and you give someone the change to earn some money too. All the time you spend on other things than making art and doing things were you are not great at, is a bit of a waste of time. Actually it is bad, cause your artwork will suffer by it.

The second question you will have is: How do I find someone? I will tell you. Make your artwork so great people can’t resist it. Exhibit on every network you have. Do Art and work hard and show only the one you are very excited about and nothing else, the rest will come.


exhibit and show people you are death serious about it, and the sales manager will come automatically. That’s how I found one.

Make Art! Ellen


Today worked on a portrait in pencil…

It is for meant for aiming more on making portraits of people, apart from my free art. I like to work with people and it gives me a sense of getting nearer to them. Although it is probably the  hardest part of practicing art, I like challenges.. With portrait making, you work with the customer together. Although I like most of the time working alone (better focus and less distraction) this is good way to get more in real contact, which I like very much also.

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